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About My Muki

Find out more about the My Muki ethos and why we love doing what we do.



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Where It Began

Our name is central to what we do. My Muki stems from the Japanese word 前向き, meaning to be forward looking and positive thinking.  We believe that eating well is part of living well. We also believe in the need for positive change. Our mission is to make eating well, the Japanese way, easy – and to do this in forward-thinking ways that contribute to the wellbeing of our staff, local community, and customers, both now and in the future.

How It All Works

The My Muki menu is made-to-order and designed for you to take away and enjoy in the comfort of your home. You can order from our sushi, small plates, or bento menus online for a quick grab and go later, or for delivered directly to your door.

Grabbing a quick lunch? Then you have the option to dine in at the My Muki deli, here in Potters Bar, where we have a small shared seating area. As all of our sushi is rolled to order for the freshest taste, we have a click & eat-in ordering option online if you need extra quick service in your break time.

Love cooking and want to learn how to make sushi, katsu curry, or miso soup? We have the ingredients and the know-how to help you get started as a Japanese food pro! Take a look at our recipe blog or pop in and have the chefs give you some tips.

What We Offer

Gunkan mixed maki box

Authentic Japanese Food

Traditionally very sparing in the use of red meat, oils or dairy, Japanese food focuses on highlighting the flavours of high quality ingredients with skilled culinary techniques. We follow the same principles.

Salmon gunkan

Naturally Tasty Dishes

Umami, the savoury fifth taste, is a defining feature of tasty, authentic Japanese food. The My Muki menu uses umami to highlight the intrinsic flavours of ingredients and create naturally tasty dishes without artificial additives.

Prawn nigiri


We believe good food comes from good, fresh ingredients eaten at their peak. And that is how we roll: seasonal and uncompromising quality ingredients, hand-made to order by chefs!

salmon avocado uramaki

A Warm Welcome

Omotenashi-sa, wholehearted hospitality, is an integral part of Japanese culture. Always going the extra mile, the people of Japan are pioneers of fantastic and unforgettable customer service. An ethos we follow wholeheartedly.


Quality & Convenience

Great food takes time – a commodity most of us are often short on! We have online ordering for a quick click and collect or delivery, with a choice of small batch, handmade, quick cook dishes for those times when you just can’t wait.

hatake bento box

More Than Sushi

We offer sushi and so much more. With our menu developed by a Japanese chef with an extensive background in traditional cuisine, our bento and deli menus are a taste of the balance and variety that lies at the heart of Japanese home cooking.

The Ethos At Our Core

Harmony, order, and balance are at the heart of Japanese culture. And the goal of thriving in balance is at the core of everything we do here at My Muki. 

We believe that balance is the key to eating and living well. We follow the principles of ichiju-sansai, balancing a variety of plant-based small plates with measured portions of top-quality meat or seafood, helping us to look after ourselves and the planet. We strive for balance in all that we do, aiming to meet the needs of our team, the local community, our customers, and the planet in the process.